THE VOICE OF BUGLE ANN by MacKinlay Kanter
Kirkus Star


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Our guess for THE gift book of the season, sure to rank ""tops"" among best sellers. The publishers are bracketing it with Mr. Chips. The Atlantic Monthly publishes it in the August, 1935 issue, thus giving it, to some extent, a similar send-off. Personally, I think it is slated for a somewhat different market, extending the interest to include everyone who likes a good dog story, -- a wide market and a less critical one than those who found in the sheer artistry of Mr. Chips, a book for their discriminating friends. Remember Dumbbell of Brookfield -- there's part of your market, sportsmen, in all ranks of life. It is the story of a hound, pride and joy of an old farmer -- sportsman, and of how he ranked the honor of Bugle Ann above all else, when it came to a showdown with the neighbor who fenced his sheep in with barbed wire. It's a natural.

Pub Date: Aug. 26th, 1935
Publisher: Coward, McCann