LOBO by MacKinlay Kantor


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Lobo was a dog who haunted the most expensive cafe on the southern coast of Spain, who adopted everyone who stayed there and from whom the Kantors were unable to escape -- either when they moved out or when they headed for home. Community-minded, Lobo eventually collapsed at the sight of a suitcase, courted new friends, with a passion for permanence, and tyrannized over the Kantors when he had them sufficiently softened up. His many languages, his unspecific origins (""Montemar Worrier"" took care of all questions but the real answer, learned later, was that Lobo was a true Basque Shepherd); his discovery of woods and birds in the U.S.; his change from a rootless unwanted into a man of substance, too ready to protect his people; his companionship during the writing of Andernville -- this is Lobo's brief biography which Kantor needs must write. Not for the pedigreed purple, this cherishes a friendships in sincere and hardly ever soft terms.

Publisher: World