SIGNAL THIRTY -- TWO by MacKinlay Kantor


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Virtually a sound track for a documentary on the 24-hour round of a cop in a patrol car, this story of Patrolman Joseph Shetland and his new side partner, Dan Mallow. Dan was young on the job but a good man to have along, whether the assignment sent them on a rape or a murder, a fight or a suicide attempt, a hold-up or a sidewalk obstruction, a crap game or a crying baby. The section they covered was part Negro, part Porto Rican -- and there were dull moments, but in the main there was always human interest. Into this panorama of the daily grind a bit of romance intruded, and Dan ran into trouble when he found that his Ellie wouldn't marry a cop. Her father had been one- and was killed on the job. Her brother, on the narrow edge of trouble all the time, was also a copy- and it went hard with Ellie. Even their wedding trip was abruptly terminated when Dan was called back to duty. The story gathers momentum and winds up with a near-call on murder involving Blondie, the death in action of Joe Shetland, and Dan, facing new responsibilities of fatherhood. Unusual material and unusual handling.

Publisher: Random House