by Madeleine L'Engle

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The exposure of Camilla, a protected fifteen, to some muddied adult affairs when with her best friend, Luisa, she is drawn in on an unfortunate domestic drama between her father, her mother, and her mother's lover, Jacques. While Luisa scores with an interested detachment her parents who drink and fight and drink, Camilla retreats with a reticence which is also a rejection from her mother, pretty and perfumed, childlike and cosseted, when her husband's coldness leads her into an affair, provokes an attempted suicide. And during these two weeks Camilla establishes a friendship with Frank, Luisa's brother, finds that that friendship grows into a first love, and has this as the first prop against the security she has lost. The exaggeration, the vulnerability, the smarting seriousness of this age in a portrayal which communicates much of its innocence and inexperience.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster