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PULLING STRINGS by Madeleine Myers



Pub Date: March 1st, 1954
Publisher: Henry Holt

Television is where Victoria, the college graduate heroine of this light but not shallow young novel, winds up. The strings she pulls, in the end, are strings for puppets on a children's story program (the kind we'd like to see more of) and in the book- though the value of ""contacts"" isn't ignored, stress is on push and ingenuity rather than pull. There are Victoria's own problems too, for in New York where she lives with her family after college, she has to readjust to them, find out the short-comings of a too-flashy beau, and help draw out the artistic potentialities of a forlorn Puerto Rican girl. Red-haired Chris, also in television, is the boy who helps Victoria out of her doldrums and the story of their work together, even though we could wish for more mature 20 year olds, has untarnishable shine.