CITY OF THE GOLDEN HOUSE by Madeleine Polland
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In words which have a noble ring, Miss Polland skilfully brings ancient home to life. Simon Peter stirs crowds to a frenzy as he preaches about the Christ. Emperor Nero causes the people to rise against him as he ruthlessly burns the city. Returning to the troubled city, the commander of Roman forces in Britain brings with him Gretorix, a young captive Briton, who becomes a body slave to Diomed, the crippled on of a prominent senator. This is the development of the deep friendship between the two boys, of their awakening faith in Simon Peter and the new religion. Here is Nero who conducts mass executions of the Christians; here is the retreat to the catacombs, and here the triumph of the tortured Diomed. A superb story richly told, City of The Golden House, will arouse curiosity in the reader about ancient life and history; for this reason alone it should be highly valued.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday