THE NEW HOME by Madeline Darrough Horn


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The log cabin on the Illinois prairie looked heavenly to the Barrows after their long trip from Kentucky. Young Andrew, known by his older brother as Runt, was especially enthusiastic about pitching in to create a thriving little farm. Each day brought new challenges for the seven Barrows, tempered by many family joys. There was the thrill of finding a spring nearby, of making Xmas presents for each other, of meeting new neighbors. Of course, life had its serious side as well. Was the Sabbath made for man or man made the Sabbath? The question of religious observance had to be settled. During the crisis of a prairie snowstorm, Andrew finally proves that ""small-built folks can do things the big ones can't"" when he saves the livestock from starvation. A savory episodic story of pioneer days and a fine portrait of America.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1962
Publisher: Scribner