THE NORMAL WOMAN by Madeline Gray


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James Stephens once said women know less and understand more. Miss Gray wants them to know more, in fact all about their psycho-biological processes from birth to death and starts at the beginning--when a girl child is born with certain attributes-aptitudes: she is more ductile, less destructive, more passive, and destined to live longer. Her book follows the developmental phases in women from infancy, childhood, adolescence, through to old age: there is a good deal about the sexual side of her life, menstruation, con-and-contraception, the ""pregnancy drama,"" relating physical and emotional factors, implemented by the popular professional research (Kinsey, Fromm, Gesell, etc.) and sometimes actual life stories (Mary Astor, Judy Garland). Sentimental referrals to ""Baby,"" little labels (""the gland telephone system"") do not place this above the magazine market discussion level, but the information is very reliable and the audience is the normal woman.

Publisher: Scribners