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A WITCH IN TIME by Madelyn Alt


by Madelyn Alt

Pub Date: April 6th, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23261-3
Publisher: Huntington Press

Though Maggie O’Neill isn’t overly impressed by her witchlike powers, she can’t help but be pleased when a little voice in her ear helps solve a murder.

Maggie has succeeded in hiding her hot romance with hunky Marcus Quinn from her inquisitive mother until she gets a call to rush to the local hospital. Her perfect sister Mel is about to give birth, turning Maggie’s romantic night with Marcus into a very long night indeed. Stuck in an elevator, she overhears a mysterious conversation. Even more interestingly, her sister gives birth to twins that no one in the family expected. In the waiting room, the family strikes up a conversation with prospective first-time grandparents Joyce and Harold Watkins, who are overjoyed when their daughter-in-law produces a long-awaited baby boy, but troubled when she cuts off all her baby’s hair and hides his bassinet card. The last straw in a strange night comes when Maggie trips on the steps and breaks her ankle. She loves being pampered by Marcus, who takes her to stay at his house, but there’s little rest for either of them when Mel’s husband takes off and a man is shot at the Watkins’s house. Maggie and Marcus persist until they unravel all the strange happenings.

Maggie’s sixth (Where There’s a Witch, 2009, etc.) is for those who like a little mystery with their romance.