MAGIC ISLAND by Madye Lee Chastain


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This is a period story set in the early 19th century which deals with the Trail, orphaned, 11 year old Angel Thorne. She is sent by her country family to an old friend of her grandfather's in New York. Angel is overwhelmed by the big city, and even more so by her protector, Mr. Spenlow, who turns out to be the wealthy owner of the Spenlow Ship Yards. When Angel continues to be in poor health she is sent, along with three other young girls, on a boat to Barbados, to spend the winter with a large family there. Angel becomes strong and healthy, and turns into a heroine by saving a little boy who has fallen into a deep hole. There is plenty of adventure, climaxing with the capture of smugglers, and although the plot and characters are a little farfetched, readers may be convinced and enjoy it for its action.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brance & World