GAY CRUSADER by Magdalen King-Hall
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Under the pseudonym of Cleone Knox, Miss King-Hall won instant popularity with that brilliant hoax, The Diary of a Young Lady of Fashion. And now comes an utterly different type of story, -- a rollicking tale with an historical background, the period of the crusades, but not the dusty plains of the Holy Land, tricked out in the tradition of Sir Walter Scott, but the battlefields of love and romance, of lusty adventure and misadventure, in the months between the gallant setting forth from England, and the arrival on the disillusioning stage set for the real conflict. Mediaeval England, France, Sicily, a colorful background for a rattling good tale of one Sir Fulk de Lacy, who was driven from home by fear of the stout Saxon maid who would have him as husband, of his bastard son and squire, and of the damsels of Brittany to whom both lost their hearts. Adventure -- romance -- humor. Ranks high.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1934
Publisher: Appleton-Century