DANCING TURTLE by Maggie--Adapt. Duff


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Without the billboard-scaled, over-busy linoleum cuts that accompany it, this wouldn't be a bad (if unoriginal) story: Jake, one of three animal-fisherman friends, wheedles Turtle out of her home with praise for her singing, and then catches her--only to have Turtle, in turn, trick his friends Tom and Willie into letting her go. But they're afraid to tell Jake, so they paint a stone to look like Turtle--and when he finds out he's been deceived too, everybody joins hands in a song-and-dance. Up to that hollow hearty ending, fair enough except for the stiff, knock-'em-out pictures (which don't evoke the supposed bayou setting or any other known place).

Pub Date: May 25th, 1981
Publisher: Macmillan