A HEALING GIFT by Maggie  McLaughlin


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A form of energy healing can work medical wonders, according to this New Age therapeutic primer.

In this debut work, McLaughlin recounts her battle with severe, multitudinous allergies, an ordeal that she says ended only after a “Sacred Source” communicating through dreams and automatic writing revealed the principles of “Cognitive Energy Healing.” The first half of her book lays out the theoretical foundations of CEH in a model of bodily energy flows, taken from traditional Chinese and Hindu notions of qi and chakras; the author also holds that physical ailments have roots in emotional disturbances, and that the subconscious mind can diagnose and alleviate them. The book’s second half discusses CEH clinical procedures, which mainly consist of light touching, incantations, and complex hand gestures aimed at unblocking and redirecting energy flows. Diagnoses are made by “muscle testing,” in which a practitioner gently presses a client’s arm while saying—or “subliminally communicating”—words to elicit a muscular response from the person’s subconscious; for example, if a client is allergic to apples, the communication of the word “apple” will cause the person’s arm to weaken and drop. The author presents case studies showing her methods alleviating allergies, back pain, psoriasis, indigestion, hairlessness, and ADHD, and even inducing a two-year cancer remission. McLaughlin allows that there is “no available scientific explanation” for CEH and its results; it’s not clear how subliminal communication actually works, and some readers conclude that CEH’s results are due to placebo effects, coincidences, or the soothing influence of an empathetic practitioner. Others may find McLaughlin’s creativity, effusive tone of spiritual uplift, and reassuring success stories to be just what the doctor ordered. She also offers detailed descriptions of her treatments; “Centering Attunement Modality,” for example, tells the practitioner to subliminally recite an invocation—“Divine love, light, and healing, through the Earthly plane to where I am”—and then follow step-by-step instructions: “Starting over the middle of the left eyebrow, trace one fluid horizontal line across the center of the third eye to the other side, then without interruption spiral this movement back over itself drawing three inward curling spirals.”

A warmhearted and encouraging, if dubiously scientific, alternative-medicine guide.

Pub Date: July 24th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-982208-00-4
Page count: 198pp
Publisher: BalboaPress
Program: Kirkus Indie
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