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by Maggie Sefton

Pub Date: June 2nd, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22774-9
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime

It takes a village to solve a mystery.

Kelly Flynn and friends (Fleece Navidad, 2008, etc.) are caught up in another mysterious death when the body of ranch host Cal Everett is found during their self-defense/knitting retreat in the mountains overlooking Fort Connor, Colo. It’s unclear whether Everett’s death was accident or murder. The rancher had a large share of enemies in the area, Kelly and company among them. Just days before his body is found, Jennifer, one of Kelly’s nearest and dearest, pinpoints Everett as the man who raped her three months earlier. Staying at the ranch to assist with the knitting workshops, the crew is taken aback by this turn of events, especially when Everett’s body is found wrapped in Jennifer’s pink knit afghan—a clue that moves her to the top of Detective Peterson’s suspect list. Kelly, determined to prove Jennifer’s innocence, all but abandons her CPA work (though never her knitting) to find a more probable killer. Kelly pulls her resources together, calling in favors from her network: advanced police information from retired cop Burt, restricted database queries from IT guru Megan, pro bono work from lawyer friend Marty. Meanwhile, Lambspun shop owner Mimi and long-term boyfriend Burt have finally decided to make it official. Now if only everyone can stay out of trouble long enough to enjoy the festivities.

Sefton writes the mystery equivalent of the Sunday driver: slow, relaxed, enjoying the view while keeping her characters out of any real danger.