THE DOWRY by Maggy Gould


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The thin edge between the unnatural and the supernatural, this explores some pretty gruesome (even ghoulish) consequences, has a very worldly (the cosmopolitan set- New York, Paris, etc.) montage for some other-worldly happenings. When Jonathan Reizel falls in love with Robbie, the young wife of Laurentz- collector, art dealer, orientalist- and takes Robbie away from Laurentz, Laurentz' last words are a curse. In the months that follow Reizel is to remember the curse as he is victimized by racking headaches, destructive seizures, inexplicable accidents. And when Robbie gives birth to their child, the curse reveals its full powers and the birth is a double one- a monstrous child that is killed by the doctor on the delivery table, and a little girl who is perfect save for the convulsions which are incited only by the sight of her father. In the years that follow Reizel wastes away, is finally able- through another woman- to destroy the curse and Laurentz, but in so doing loses Robbie and his child... Some shocking stuff here which you may find absorbing -- if you indulge in this genre.

Publisher: Morrow