WE CAN DEFEND AMERICA by Maj. Gen. Johnson Hagood


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A thoroughly constructive and very timely work, if only it could reach the proper outlets. Should be of interest to every thinking citizen, as it contains all the answers to the arguments for building up an offensive war machine, all the answers to the claims that our present equipment and budget is inadequate for defense. Step by step, the author analyzes our own army, navy, air force, coast defense, reserve, in relation to our needs, to potential powers, to demonstration in the World War of weak links in the chain which have their counterpart here. In summing up the needs, he shows that with what we have, with our budget, with our resources at peacetime strength, we could have adequade defense, And he outlines a general reconstruction of man power, munition power,and method of training, organization and control for efficient operation of what is now a badly balanced and awkward force. Interesting rending -- and a challenge.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran