SNOWBOOT by Maj Lindman


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Sequel to FIRE EYE, in a story about Fire Eye's colt, Snowboot. Bob worshipped the pretty little colt, and forgave him the bad habit of running away. But one time Snowboot ran away so far he couldn't be found, until the County Fair brought to Bob's attention (thanks to his collie) a yearling marked just like Snowboot. Then came the problem. A stray, he had been rescued and fed by Jim, just such a boy as Bob- who loved the colt just as much. But Jim's father couldn't afford to keep him, so Bob got him back, with Jim as farm help and companion. A simple little story, with the type of flat color wash pictures Maj Lindman always does. But somehow she has magic for her young audience. Cloth with pastedown.

Publisher: Whitman