BRAZEN CHARIOTS by Maj. Robert Crisp


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When Rommel's Afrika Corps stood poised to strike into Egypt in the Fall of 1941, the British had little with which to stop him. And Suez was at stake. A South African cricketeer and tank commander tells how the impossible was done. This is his personal account with a group of American-built ""Honey"" tanks in two desperate months around Tobruk. It is all here---the chaos, the long weeks without sufficient water or fuel, the terror of facing 88 mm. fire, the hand to hand combat. So are the intimate thoughts of this man with a tank as he overcomes his fears and plays an important role in pushing back the German and saving Suez. Breezy, vivid, highly entertaining, and told with sharp accuracy.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1960
ISBN: 0393327124
Publisher: Norton