VICTORY THROUGH AIR POWER by Major Alexander P. de Seversky
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Don't ask us why we didn't have this before. We don't know. Ask Essan....No need after all the reviews -- to reassess the book, but here are a few facts for those who are selling it and who have not had time to read and find out for themselves his point of view, and wherein it differs from other allied books. This is, as is evident in the title, a plea for all out air power, not on a quantity basis alone, but first and last, on a quality basis. He substantiates his claim by showing how the best planes win. (By implication, he assumes the best pilots.) Won't be popular with army and navy power adherents. He severely criticises those in the seats of the mighty for their failure to grapple with the significance of air power sooner and condemns brass bats who still try to defend the old point of view. Plenty of dynamite here.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster