THE WAR IN THE AIR by Major Gene- Ed. Gurney
Kirkus Star


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Visual presentations of the air war have become fairly commonplace, but this one is superior in its unusual photographs, accurate information and the fine continuity of its text. With a foreword by General Curtis E. LeMay, it uses 1500 pictures to tell the story of military aviation from 1920 to 1945, momentous years indeed for the airplane. It shows Billy Mitchell sinking battleships with bombs in Chesapeake Bay only to be court martialled for his audacity. Roscoe Turner, Jimmy Doolittle, Lindbergh and many famous flyers appear, some of them flying planes far ahead of their time. Fascinating, rare shots of the China and Spanish Wars precede the aerial holocaust of World War II, on all fronts. Interviews with ranking Nazis on the loss of the air war, detailed specifications of major aircraft, and attention to history and strategy in the text add further authenticity to the volume. It is a book which should gain for itself a wide and appreciative audience and will be ideal for the Christmas trade as well.

Publisher: Crown