HIGH MORNING FOG by Makkham Harris


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A comedy of romantic interchanges and interludes which is amiable -- rather than antic- and presents some pleasant people as they skirt involvement and decision. Irresolute among them are Paul Saxton, the editor of a children's encyclopedia, attracted to Alice Piper, the wife of an errant friend -- Larry; Gene Matthias, a pianist, obdurately making a living by door to door selling and refusing the easy out offered by a wealthy girl; Paul's sister Carol, passionately rather than wisely interested in a character called Costello, whose morals are no better than his grammar; a minister who offers a contrast but not an antidote to Costello's charms; etc. Larry Piper is accidentally killed, while Alice is pregnant with his second child, Paul is transferred from editing to selling, which only nets him a case of measles; Carol makes a partial recovery from Costello; and Alice, after the birth of her baby, is ready for marriage to Paul. These affairs provide a gentle pursuit of love against a New England background -- for distaff dalliance.

Pub Date: June 11th, 1952
Publisher: Lippincott