SAVAGE LANDOR by Malcolm Elwin


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Originally reported on page 165 of the April 1st bulletin as follows. ""A 're-assessement' in terms of material not available to previous biographers concerning this storm center of 19th century England, Walter Savage Landor. A lire span that covered 89 years, a personality that was abounding in vigor, enthusiasm, loyalty, eccentricities; contacts that included famous people of his day, quarrels, scandals, friendships, gossip. This famous essayist, satirist, poet was at once a reflection of his times and a rebel. This records his failures as well as his successes, his love of liberty and his passionate defense of truth, his early individualistic markings and brilliant promise, his escapades and exile, his full and colorful life. An exhaustive study, rewarding in its picture of the period.

Publisher: Macmillan