WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR KIDS? Children of the Rich and Famous by Malcolm Forbes

WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR KIDS? Children of the Rich and Famous

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What happened to Al Capone's son? Rasputin's daughter? The children of B.F. Skinner? The lowdown on these and the progeny of scores of other celebs is proffered in bite-sized chapters in this latest compendium of evanescent biographical miscellany from everybody's favorite capitalist. Not too surprisingly, the offspring of many came to early grief: Gandhi's son, we learn, ended as a drunk; Gregory Peck's oldest son committed suicide; Paul Newman's son died from a drug-and-alcohol overdose. Others, however, led lives of dignity: Freud's daughter Anna, for instance, and Renoir's famous film-directing son Jean. But then there's Diana Oughton, great-granddaughter of William Dickson Boyce--self-made millionaire publisher and founder of the Boy Scouts of America: she grew up to be a member of the 60's radical group the Weathermen, dying when their bomb factory on Manhattan's W. 11th St. self-exploded in 1969. So--lightly engrossing, just right for reading during TV commercials or while waiting for the bus.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1990
Publisher: Simon & Schuster