FOOT OF PRIDE by Malcolm Hay


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A Christian (and a Catholic) has written what is virtually a sweeping indictment of a Christian civilization in its treatment of the Jews from the early days of St. John Chrysostom to Hitler and beyond. A most unpalatable story of the crucifixion of a people carried out in France, in England, in Russia, in Italy, in virtually every so-called civilized country, by church, government and peoples, in high places and low. Here and there voices were raised in defense of the Jew, but they seem few and feeble in a world chronology of shame. The author analyzes the canards that have become almost folklore,- ritual murder, ""international Jewry"", ""apostles of hate"", etc. The struggle between Arab and Jew is a thread which carries through to today's establishment of Israel, a great experiment for which the Jew has paid a mighty price for the rights of survival and freedom. A book rooted in profound scholarship- written on an historical level, rather than a psychological one. A record that should be known, by Jew and Christian alike.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1950
Publisher: Beacon Press