PROTÉGÉ by Malcolm MacPherson


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When the U.S. Internal Revenue Bureau assigns low-paid, Walter-Mittyish tax-man Crawford to track down the posthumous assets of the late James McKee (who apparently died in an African plane crash), poor Crawford finds himself in the midst of a very complicated political-fantasy situation. How so? Well, James McKee wasn't really James McKee at all: he was Lieutenant Ernst Hartmann, protÉgÉ of Hitler-hating Nazi Admiral Canaris! Moreover, McKee/Hartmann isn't really dead; he's alive, carrying out Canaris' vicious, long-range (very!) plan for transforming Africa into a supreme economic/military power. . . yes, folks, the Fourth Reich. (Hartmann has cornered the world coffee market, is in cahoots with Nazi/Swiss bankers, and now plans to persuade the Nazi-ish President of South Africa to ship 14 million enslaveable blacks to Tanzania--slated to be the new Nazi empire.) Can Crawford save the prime minister of Tanzania from assassination? Can he trust femme fatale Norah Hirsch, daughter of one of the top Nazis (but really a secret Israeli agent)? You may very well hang around to find out--since this is one of the fresher and more suspenseful of the innumerable Fourth-Reich concoctions, greatly aided by first-novelist MacPherson's spicy flow of authentic African detail (he was an Africa-based Newsweek reporter). Nonsense, of course, but nicely grounded.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 1980
Publisher: Dutton