THE NEW FACE OF WAR by Malcolm W. Browne
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Malcolm Browne, dean of the Saigon press corps, has been AP's man in Viet Nam since 1961. He knows his subject a good deal better than almost anybody else, and his reportorial skill and courage earned him a Pulitzer Prize, along with David Halberstam whose equally good The Makin of a Quagmire was Just reviewed (p.282). Luckily these two books complement each other rather than conflict, and each claims serious attention. Browne's emphasis is upon the explicits, the weapons and tactics and the men directly behind them. The war, as he sees it, is the sort we will probably be fighting elsewhere, in Africa or Latin America quite possibly--and losing, unless we are willing to scrap all our orthodox ideas and borrow replacements from Lenin, Mao, and Giap. ""Viet Nam may or may not fall to the Viet Cong,"" he concludes, but we are on trial there and our prospects are grim unless we are willing to go in for such activities as ambushes, sniping, and murder in bed."" Whether we need to go the limit and collect heads (as both our friends and foes do, according to this report), he does not say. Hopefully, that would be optional.

Pub Date: April 26th, 1965
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill