TIN SWORD by Maloolm Stuart Doylen


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About one Joshua Doty, starting when he is thirteen and working its way through his late teens. It has its stations in Battle Creek, Michigan, where he was born (and where he slept with his Grandma almost until she died, and where they had a very fancy privy lined with everything Dickens ever wrote), Bermuda, New York, Westport, Chicago, etc. Joshua is precocious, irreverent, and extremely funny- and has a kind of phobia about the army and the navy. Fantastic things shape up for him; luncheon on the H.M.S. Triumph, captained by Cunningham, with Victoria, his very attractive newspaper-mother, with whom he vacations in Bermuda; a holiday with Bridget in Westport- who tries to seduce him; an editorial job on the back in Battle Creek and a subsequent one in Chicago. And many, many other adventures. A very humorous, imaginative and well handled novel- with a scapegrace sophistication.

Publisher: Little, Brown