IF MEN WANT PEACE by Mander & Engle -- Eds. Harrison


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A series of essays on the conditions and prerequisites of world peace by the members of the faculty of the University of Washington. These professors -- no ivory tower inhabitants these -- look at the world squarely and tell men the ""musts"" of peace, -- a working formula between internationalism and regionalism, the necessity of security, the need for a positive code of international Law. In the realm of political and human rights, the authors outline basis of policy on colonies, dependencies, and national minorities. The entire scheme of economic and social welfare for peace is scrutinized -- monetary policy, curt, labor, communications, relief. In many ways the best section is that touching on the cultural foundation of world order, the psychological postulates of peace, education, science and letters, religion, nationalism, and the moral basis of peace. An inclusive, learned, well-written book -- comfortably free of the """" -- looking at the world as it is and going on from there.

Pub Date: March 26th, 1945
Publisher: Macmillan