JEOPARDY by Manfred Conte
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A transcontinental sprint keeps up with the scapegrace career of Enrico Bernani, an engraver of exceptional brilliance, and now- derailed by the war- an artist manque who proceeds from some forged old masters in Paris, to a perfect hundred dollar bill. In Paris, Zezi walks out with his ill-gotten gains; later Jeanne, whom he has loved a little, warns him that her husband is a member of the Surete- helps him to get away; and still later in Italy, Cassia offers a gamine attraction but no assurance of her honesty- when he finds some of his new money in her room. An American collector- of forgeries- assists the Surete in their search for Bernani, who has many names and many disguises, repays an old debt in buying up the plates, and redirects Bernani toward Cassia- and more honest enterprise. There's a definite dash to this rogue's progress and pursuit, and with its impudence and ingenuity, it is engaging entertainment. The Geoffrey Household market should do for- and very well by- this.

Publisher: Morrow-Sloane