AFTER DARK by Manley Wade Wellman


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Another graceful, folksy Appalachian fantasy from veteran Wellman, here featuring the return of the Shonokins, who were last seen being cast out of New England by psychic John Thunstone. Now this bizarre all-male race (with vertical-closing pupils and long fourth fingers) has moved into the Appalachians, setting up lines of power (ley lines) and a hidden village two miles from the farm of Ben Gray and his daughter Callie. But the Shonokins soon find themselves up against witchcraft-fighter John of the Silver-stringed Guitar (The Old Gods Waken, 1979), who wanders into the village for a music contest and overhears some Shonokins planning to get rid of Ben, take over his land, and force Callie to become the breeding female for their dwindling race. John helps Ben and Callie by tracking the Shonokins to their village, foiling a neighbor witch they use against him, and by lifting various spells they cast against the farm--thanks to his mastery of The Oxford Dictionary of Old English Rhymes and the occult texts of Eliphas Levi. Despite the rather tedious drone of the hill-folk dialect--a charmer.

Pub Date: Dec. 12th, 1980
Publisher: Doubleday