CANDLE OF THE WICKED by Manly Wade Wellman


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A readymix is a formula recipe involving a strong but shy hero as he inquires into the mysterious disappearance of his friend, is pursued by two attractive women, and survives some savage action. Set in the 1870's, it is the story of Spanish McReady, an ex-Confederate soldier who has pulled up stakes from his native Tennessee to start a new life in Kansas. He searches for his missing friend who had the money for the land they were both to buy; is sought after by the two women- one of more questionable virtue, the other more suitable- but her father has little use for his Civil War affiliations; and it leads to a seance and then a showdown with a self-appointed vigilante committee. But, after the dust has settled, a bright future is assured for Spanish and his girl- thus ending a readable book of little real merit.

Publisher: Putnam