CAROLINA PIRATE by Manly Wade Wellman


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The most bla sailor in many a sea-son, Ranald Blaikie takes the helm of the Tuscarora at the command of ailing attacker Captain Haws when he and his pirates swarm aboard. Avoiding the perils of the Spanish main, the ship drifts along and Carolina boy Ranald takes a liking to the mild-mannered gents he's working for, even goes to jail rather than break a twenty-four hour oath to them. Quartermaster Shoup muffs a mutiny and Haws nominated Ranald as substitute. Shoup (who makes too well educated references to Blackbeard, Henry Morgan et al.) is the stereotypical swashbuckler; the captain and doctor, however, are really disguised gentility pursuing the only life available to them because of former political activities. Tame pirates with some olde literary speech patterns.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1968
Publisher: Washburn