The Authorized Biography of Jesus Christ by Mano Govindaraj

The Authorized Biography of Jesus Christ

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An earnest effort to solve several controversies surrounding the Gospel of Matthew posits Matthew as an authorized chronicler of Jesus’ daily life.

For centuries, religious scholars have debated several vital points related to the Gospel of Matthew. These issues really boil down to two questions: When was the Gospel of Matthew written? And why is it similar in language to the gospels of Luke and Mark?  Govindaraj (The Matriverse and Other Essays, 2010) proposes a simple explanation: Jesus authorized Matthew to write a diary at the time about his ministry and life, which was later read by both Luke and Mark while they were writing their accounts. Govindaraj cites evidence to support his claim that Matthew had first-hand knowledge of Jesus, which was recounted in the Gospel, including specific, intimate knowledge about Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, and intimate knowledge of Jesus’ birth. One glaring omission in the Gospel of Matthew requires further analysis—the absence of Jesus’ Ascension into heaven following the Resurrection. Govindaraj leans heavily on information about the time period to support his claims about Matthew’s own life and probable motivations, but the historical suppositions lack crucial references. Furthermore, claims about motivation occasionally stretch credulity while not considering other, more obvious explanations. For example, Govindaraj credits Matthew’s willingness to leave his job and follow Jesus as a miracle, rather than suggesting Matthew may have been swayed by a charismatic and persuasive young leader whose message spoke directly to Matthew’s own heart. The main arguments in the book rely heavily on rather circular logic. Despite these unsettling problems with the text, the bulk of the book provides an incomplete but intimate look at the world of Matthew and Jesus Christ, and will give even those with little prior knowledge of the deep questions it examines a riveting look at the tumultuous and emotional biblical world.

An in-depth analysis of several perplexing questions about the Gospel of Matthew that reaches entirely reasonable conclusions with flawed logic.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1449763220
Page count: 180pp
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Program: Kirkus Indie
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