THE CROSS AND THE SWORD by Manuel de Jesus Galvan


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Robert Graves has translated an elaborate historical novel about some of the leading figures in the Spanish development of the Caribbean in the Columbus and immediately post Columbus period. The main hero is Enriquillo, a Santo Domingan Indian who fought for the independence and fair treatment of his people. Another long thread tells of Diego Velasquez, conqueror of Cuba, and his unhappy courtship of a reluctant maiden. Much of the story is based on History of the Indies by Father Las Casas who appears in the book as an understanding Spaniard and is one of the most interesting and sympathetic figures in the story. The novel has so many characters, love stories and episodes that it lacks a strong sustaining plot, but for those with patience and persistence there lies a wealth of material about an extremely interesting period of history.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1954
Publisher: Indiana University Press