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A New Perspective on the Teachings of Jesus

by Manuel J. Costa

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1478146797
Publisher: CreateSpace

Debut author Costa offers a modern perspective on the teachings of Jesus.

Costa’s guide uses both the author’s psychological and theological backgrounds to explore how Jesus' teachings can be used to heal and to nourish the soul. Chapters break down into nine different areas, or “clusters of teachings” as the author refers to them, that he feels express “the key themes proclaimed and lived by Jesus.”  The first chapter covers the baptism of Jesus and explains how the nine themes spring from that event. Each chapter uses biblical references from both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospels, and Costa offers important historical background to help explicate those teachings. He uses alternate translations from the original Greek and Hebrew when necessary. His approach provides a broad understanding of Jesus’ teaching, especially the parables. The author also uses Jungian psychology to give another, nonreligious, perspective. By integrating Jungian psychology and biblical texts, the author gives the Bible a modern context and shows how it can heal and enlighten. At the end of each chapter, Costa poses questions to help the reader integrate the material. The author has created an inclusive guide: Regardless of religion, or whether the reader is religious at all, so much of the book can be used for both individual and group reflection. However, some nonreligious readers might object to continual references to Jesus and Scripture. That would be too bad, as the book can help alleviate many psychic and emotional wounds.

Delivers new perspectives on Jesus’ teachings.