MARCO POLO by Manuel Komroff


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A biography that chooses wisely and colorfully from Polo's own accounts and when imagination needs suffice, makes firm connecting links. Along chronological steps- from Marco's boyhood prior to Nicolo's and Maffeo's first return through the journey, return, and imprisonment by the Genoese when he wrote the account from his notes- Komroff emphasizes both historical event and Marco's interest in his surrounding as he notices exotic scenery, talks to a gateman at the China Wall to learn the story of Genghis Khan, wonders at Kublal's fabulous Cambalu and Xanadu courts, advises the Khan in the treacherous Achmath incident, travels homeward to escort the princess Cocachin to Persia. A small storehouse of information in itself, this is fascinating supplementary reading, a fine first glimpse of Oriental splendor and history.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1952
Publisher: Messner