FIDEL CASTRO & COMPANY, INC. by Manuel Urrutia


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Dr. Urrutia chronicles the steps of Fidel Castro's take over of the political and governmental machinery of Cuba after the revolution. The author had been Provisional President of the country, installed in the office by the agreement of all the many factions among the revolutionaries. The Dr., whose belief in militant democracy is outlined in these pages, charges that he and others like him embarrassed Castro in the early days by anti -communist, anti-socialist declarations and were harrassed out of office by major and petty methods of persecution. Dr. Urrutia resigned after six months. He offers personal recollections of actions and conversations with Castro and his associates that revealed their direct communist influence and commitment. The mechanics involved in the repression of the press, the new directions of the schools, the hamstringing of the judiciary and the continual harangue to which the Cuban population was subjected, makes this an overview of the development of a tyranny of value to serious students of political science aware of the passionately partisan source, who continues his anti-Castro, anti-communist assault from exile in Venezuela.

Publisher: Praeger