THREE BIG HOGS by Manus Pinkwater


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In a funky turnabout on all those little escapades that end with a reassuring welcome home, three crybaby hogs--the smallest weighs 150 pounds--find themselves thrust out into the cruel world and decide it isn't so bad after all. . . but not until they've wallowed in self-pity, broken into an empty house, made a mess Goldilocks would be ashamed of, and fled the town in tears after catching sight of a butcher shop. Then, lost in the forest, the trio run smack into a looming, beady-eyed brute (and we don't blame them for addressing him as ""sir"") who shuts up their whining with an explosive ""Phooey!"" and answers their litany of questions--""Who takes care of you? . . . And what do you eat? . . .""--with a contemptuous ""Nobody takes care of me. . . .I eat acorns and apples, and I sleep wherever I jolly well please."" Sure enough our friends take the hint and if their transformation into ""regular forest hogs""--hairy, toothy and tough--doesn't do much for their looks, we're convinced it was the right decision. The three hogs ""liked it very much"" and you will too.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Seabury