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by Mara Goodman-Davies

Pub Date: May 1st, 2006
ISBN: 1-4022-0642-9
Publisher: Sourcebooks

Reformed playboy meets temptations after moving back to L.A. with his sweet heiress wife.

Picking up where When Harry Hit the Hamptons (2005) left off, the book finds Harry Raider and Jessica Ackerman happily preparing for their luxe Hamptons wedding. Nothing will keep these two apart, not even a botched Botox emergency, or an attempted Las Vegas kidnapping by Harry’s no-account buddies. But almost immediately after the newlyweds arrive at their new Hollywood mansion, tensions emerge. Homebody Jessica wants to start a family and is stressed out by the frenetic Hollywood pressure of being part of an “it” couple. Child-like (and newly sober) Harry is rudely awakened by an ultimatum from his elderly father Sam, who insists the 39-year-old go work for the family clothing business, or lose his support. Things get even more complicated when Sam suddenly drops dead, leaving Harry with financial responsibilities he never anticipated. Harry’s childhood chum Chas Greer, an opportunistic personal shopper and party planner for the rich and famous, also shows up in L.A. to make his fortune. Lured by a too-good-to-be true offer from beyond-wealthy Mexican hotelier Luisa Mendez, Chas is charged with finding a Jewish spouse for the ruthless stunner. She fixates on Harry, of all people, and seduces him by offering to help him get his company back on track. Blinded by Luisa’s promises and feminine wiles, Harry loses Jessica, who then takes up with a “power lesbian” she meets through Chas. It is then up to Harry to grow up and find a way to fix the giant mess his life has become. With woefully underwritten characters and a lack of wit, this second novel from a former stand-up comedian wants to skewer Hollywood mores, but never goes deep enough. Only conniving Chas has anything resembling a personality, and even he often lapses into gay stereotype.

Silly beach read about rich people run amuck.