EROICA by Mara Rostov


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Listen to Eroica tell her tale with the window open and at your own risk. She's the daughter of an unreformed, unrepentant, still-swastikaed murderer-monster-industrialist who ignores her (even allows her to be molested by a sadistic tutor) until she shows enough spunk to become his Aryan hope of the future; Papa's currently planning the destruction of Israel. But Eroica has somehow been sheltered from knowledge of the Holocaust and all that, and, when her lover-rescuer Jans (he finds her ""marvelously sensual""; she finds him--well, part of him--""tall and wonderful to hold"") fills her in, she's primed to kill Papa--whom she blames for the deaths of Mama and brother Gerd anyway--in any number of painful ways. Still, Eroica's no killer, so God strikes Papa down for her, and she and Jans cancel that destruction of Israel and emerge from this festering sore of a book happy and relieved and altogether sensual.

Pub Date: June 28th, 1977
Publisher: Putnam