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From the Arthur series

by Marc Brown & illustrated by Marc Brown & developed by ScrollMotion

Age Range: 4 - 8

Pub Date: April 23rd, 2011
Publisher: ScrollMotion

This adaptation of Brown’s newest Arthur story offers pretty much the traditional experience of reading a book; the interactive features that are the hallmark of this new generation of the “book” experience are somewhat limited.

On the first page Arthur's teacher assigns a project called the Big Green Machine. Arthur and his friends quickly start thinking of ways they can "help make the planet a better place to live." A swipe to turn the page zooms in on each character as they come up with ideas both silly (eating more so there is less garbage) and sound (recycling old clothes) before entirely turning to the next page. This technique works well to integrate the illustrations with the story, successfully mimicking the way the eye moves around a picture. The words light up as they are being read, and the pages turn forward easily with just a swipe. Interactive features within the book are limited to optional self-recorded text, on/off audio, page selection and optional automatic page turn. From the home menu, which is easily reached by the Arthur button in the upper left, readers can opt to "paint" the illustrations or do puzzles of varying levels of difficulty.

Overall, Arthur would probably agree this app is a fine way to save paper and still enjoy a good read. (iPad storybook app. 4-8)