MY LIFE by Marc Chagall


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Marc Chagall's memoir of his early life was written in 1922, published in Paris in 1930 along with many drypoints and watercolors, and now for the first time will appear here. Here, as in his pictures, there are many sketches of the simple world of his childhood in the ghetto near Witebsk-portraits of his family (a large one)- of rabbis and teachers-of the little village where the word artist had ""never been pronounced"". In 1907, he left for Petersburg, then for Paris, where he lived in considerable poverty, painted-while no one bought his canvases. He found impressionism and cubism alien but developed the expressionistic style which was so individually his. World War I returned him to Russia, to Witebsk for a little while, and then on to Moscow where he did sets for the new theatre- the phase which brings this first part of his autobiographical reminiscence to its conclusion..... It is a charming counterpoint to the twenty pictures which are threaded through the text- one in which naivete and nostalgia are combined and contribute to the warmth of feeling so openly evidenced.

ISBN: 0306805715
Publisher: Orion