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SAINT-EXUPERY by Marcel Migeo Kirkus Star



Pub Date: May 24th, 1960
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Three cheers for this really first rate biography of the French aviator-writer, by a man who once knew and flew with him. Fascinating insights emerge of the brilliant, moody and impulsive man who sought adventure in the skies, and who has been called a true hero by many. Much of his personality becomes understandable in the revelation of his relation to his mother, a woman who both understood and spoiled him. More is learned in the exciting arenas of early flying and airline pioneering in Europe, North Africa and Argentina, where his inner story unfolds in step with the fast-paced life of adventure. Best of all, the book moves about at will in Time, following themes more often than chronology. Wind, Sand and Stars and Night Flight, among others of Saint-Exupery's works, are quoted from, discussed, related to his own life. His chaotic marriage to a woman who never fully understood him is dealt with more fully than any other has done, and perhaps with more sympathy. The sum, ending with the flyer's disappearance and presumed death on a reconnaissance mission during World War II, creates a living picture of the man. Behind that picture, the history of French aviation and politics constantly unfolds. Sure to be well-received.