CALDRON COOKERY by Marcello Truzzi


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Mr. Truzzi, the Wizard of Ooze, probably giggled himself into an ear-of-newt imagining busy hostesses snatching this up under the impression that a ""caldron"" is a new sort of Occidental wok. This is a collection of witchly fondues from Black Mass enhancements like ""Satanic Electuary"" to First Aid matters such as ""Causing Another Witch to Die."" The recipes feature such grand old ingredients as I hand of a felon, 2 pounded crab eyes. Fiesta feasts, meat of beasts, witch bewitching, etc., with a chant or two thrown in. Unfortunately no list of suppliers--""To Become a Werewolf"" for example requires a wolfskin girdle. While you're reading, if the doorbell rings thrice--don't answer.

Publisher: Meredith