THE DARK STAR by March Cost
Kirkus Star


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Again, as in A Man Named Luke, the author is concerned with aspects of love beyond its usual conception this time set against a theatre background. This is the story of Eden Loring, actor-producer of unique reputation, and Fanny Wreath, the actress he built to stardom. (There is throughout a slight Svengali motif.) Eden will not recognize or admit his love for her, while Fanny offers hers, time and again, knowing they are bound together. It takes a knowledge of death to come that causes their eventual reunion. The basic theme is that of pre-destined lovers, never to escape each other, but there is a good deal of the stage world too, from the intellectual approach to characterization and production to the actual presentation of the play. Overlong perhaps, erudite at times, but a novel with distinction of theme and writing.

Publisher: Knopf