MICROWAVE DIET COOKERY by Marcia & Thelma Snyder Cone


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From the authors of the well-received Mastering Microwave Cookery (1986), a likely winner that combines the two-pronged appeal of the title with a seasonal arrangement emphasizing fresh ingredients and a stylish variety of recipes that range from New Age and Old Home to hyphenated Asian, Mexican, and even ""nouvelle Cajun"" fare. The microwave-diet combination makes sense, as the microwave oven does not require fat for cooking. True, the authors' enthusiasm for the microwave might exceed their zeal for dieting. For example, some of their recipes could just as easily--and quickly--be prepared on a stovetop, and many who use the microwave as a time-saver would balk at making their own sausages the night before; and on the dieting side, the authors are not so abstemious as to avoid sugar, cheese, cooking oil, or even the highly caloric avocado. But their use of such ingredients is sensibly sparing, well thought out (an untraditional teaspoon of olive oil in a ""bok choy pilaf"" is a reasonable substitution of full flavor for quantity), and probably one of the features that will keep reluctant dieters on the wagon.

Pub Date: April 29th, 1988
Publisher: Simon & Schuster