VAN GOGH by Marco Valsecchi


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The sanity of the artist resides in his art, such might well be the thesis of the clear and sympathetic text of this book. In his informal biography of Van Gogh and his incisive remarks regarding his work, Marco Valsecchi attempts to show that the manly portrayal of peasants, the vivid depiction of a sun-drenched landscape, the exuberant rendition of a vase of flowers is in no way an outgrowth of the artist's publicized insanity. Rather, he suggests, his lack of conventional balance grew from that glimpse of heaven his artist's vision encountered, a glimpse which renders thereafter pedestrian life exceedingly difficult. Twenty full page color plates, meticulously reproduced, leave no argument as to the wholesome vigor of Van Gogh's artistic health, arguments brilliantly articulate in line and color, arguments which have to date won the impoverished, fanatical Van Gogh a position of primary popularity both among critics and novices.

Pub Date: Nov. 2nd, 1959
Publisher: New York Graphic Society