THE COMMON GOOD: Its Politics, Policies and Philosophy by Marcus G. Raskin

THE COMMON GOOD: Its Politics, Policies and Philosophy

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A thoughtful analysis of what we must do to become a society which is open, participatory and resistant to the forces of brutality, war and mindless consumerism. The author describes perceptively the systems man has used to control and direct other men. Always specific and on target, Raskin is like a great coach urging his team on. The author feels we must develop coherent plans for the reconstruction of America. This involves a reconfiguration of our basic institutions in a way that is humane, intelligent and altruistic. He writes with telling accuracy of the despair and angst of life. He is a skeptic when it comes to futuristic panaceas, but believes we must plan for tomorrow in a pragmatic manner. Progress is measured as the degree of liberation of man's mind from day-to-day survival routines. Some 80 percent of the world's people devote themselves entirely to food, shelter and security needs. He suggests many things we can do to move forward into the coming century in a way that will allow people to experience their true potential. Some will dismiss him as a liberal dreamer or a romantic idealist, but he is refreshing in his calls for a new faith in man's ability to regenerate himself and his world. He is not an ideologue, but rather a wise man who believes we can be both humane and successful. There is a lot to think about here. It will enlighten the reader about many things, but mostly it will enhance his waning idealism. Raskin encourages us to believe that selfishness and a concentration of personal needs to the exclusion of others is only a phase Convincing and demanding stuff, then, but well worth the effort.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1986
Publisher: Routledge & Kegan Paul/Methuen