DELILAH by Marcus Goodrich


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Postponed from 11/17/39. Reported in the October 1, 1938 and the April 15, 1939 bulletins. ""A Discoverer's Selection but a difficult book to place. It is not for conservatives -- it is primarily a man's book. There are powerful scenes, explosive, grotesque, and the man can write. But there is no formulated plot, rather is it a succession of tableaus, each of increasing brutality and primitiveness. Delilah' is the name of a U.S.N. destroyer, stationed in the Sulu Sea, a savage, uncharted country, and manned by odds and ends of the world. A few of the characters are clear, ably defined, but there is no central coordinating interest as the story shifts; a searching party in an isolated cave, the explosion of a submarine, shark against man, life on board the destroyer. There is a suggestion of Lightship but this is a more violent book.

Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart