THE STOPPING PLACE by Marden Dahlstedt


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Sad as she is to leave Brooklyn, Lissa takes advantage of her time in the Jersey Pine Barrens, where her Norwegian writer father hopes to finish his book at last. Lissa learns about herbs from reclusive old Mrs. G., hears homegrown folk music in the company of an authentic and prepossessing Piney named Jess Cowperthwaite, and helps her mother sell pottery at the local crafts fair. But after a few months, which skim the surface of this unique, isolated region, the experience is abruptly finished off with a forest fire. Lissa is the sort of girl others would like to have as a friend, faintly glamorous because of her off-beat parents and wide travels, but just lonely enough to be accepting. Lots of readers will find her companionable, but neither pleasant, pale Lissa nor her nodding introducing to the Pine Barrens. will forge any lasting bonds.

Pub Date: May 26th, 1976
Page count: 160pp
Publisher: Putnam